2017 Events

ISACA Winchester Chapter – Summary of Chapter Meetings and Special Events

Our events calendar year runs from January to December, with our usual hiatus in July and August.  We have our Chapter AGM at the June chapter meeting each year.

Where are we going, toward Brexit and beyond?ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is spreading more and faster than ever, propelled by ICT and business innovators, entrepreneurs and drivers of change. But what about ISACA professionals – are we hanging on to the back of the speeding vehicle, far behind the driving seat? Can the drivers even see or hear us? Come to participate in this session about aspects of where we are and where we’re going, into unknown worlds of Brexit and future ICT risk management.
2-CPE Credits
Driving Control Accountability in an EnterpriseThis talk will demonstrate how to implement a controls framework plus assigning appropriate owners for driving continuing control hygiene across an enterprise to the mitigate risks. This methodology is based on a real world security based example that is both scalable, repeatable and outcome driven.
2-CPE Credits
COBIT 5 Foundation Course with Certification - 2 day courseA two day training course that will provide an end-to-end business view of COBIT 5 – an internationally accepted framework for governing and managing enterprise IT that supports executives and management in their definition and achievement of business goals and related IT goals. This course, via the included exam, leads to an APMG COBIT 5 Foundation Certification.
14-CPE Credits
COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM) Workshop - 1 Day courseCOBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM) Workshop
7-CPE Credits
Espionage, Making it Your BusinessA talk about the threat, methodologies and motive of espionage and counter eavesdropping along with traditional methodologies, social engineering etc.. The session will include some case studies of eavesdropping and open the floor for discussions around mitigation techniques.
2-CPE Credits
Auditing Cyber in an agile environment: Some examples from the Retail sector (preceded by Chapter AGM)Practical recommendations that can be followed by fellow audit professionals when performing audits in agile delivery environments through discussing recent client examples and scars / lessons learned from these engagements.
2-CPE Credits
Summer BreakJuly and August, Chapter hiatus.
Dark web investigations: the last days of AlphaBayWithin the last few years, governmental bodies have been futilely trying to fight against dark web hosted marketplaces. Alphabay and Hansa have been the largest dark web marketplaces in 2016-2017 and Alphabay has been without doubt the largest dark web marketplace until now. Our team at UEL, after an in-depth research on Agora in 2015-2016, has turned its eyes on Alphabay. After refining our approach and developing new tools, we have analysed the last weeks of life of Alphabay, before its seizure in July 2017.
2-CPE Credits
Risk assessment in the age of the General Data Protection RegulationThis highly interactive session will take you on a journey of discovery from the status quo to the changes necessary under the forthcoming General data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Supported by dramatic real-world examples, the session will make use of discussion and group exercises to explore the concept of risk and alternative approaches to assessment of consequence and likelihood, and will introduce a new model of the risk management obligation under GDPR.
2-CPE Credits
LEAN 101 - An Introduction to LEAN ITLEAN IT is one of the current buzzwords that swirls about our industry, but what is it? How is it different from ITIL or DevOps? And which is better anyway?
How do I know when I am being LEAN and what benefits could it bring to my organisation?
2-CPE Credits
Cybersecurity (CSX) Fundamentals Workshop 2-Day courseCybersecurity is a growing and rapidly changing field, and it is crucial that the central concepts that frame and define this increasingly pervasive field are understood by professionals who are involved and concerned with the security implications of Information Technologies (IT). The CSX Fundamental Course is designed for this purpose, as well as to provide insight into the importance of cybersecurity, and the integral role of cybersecurity professionals. Designed as a foundational course, it will also prepare learners for the CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals Exam.
16-CPE Credits
See no evil, hear no evil: Hacking invisibly and silently with light and soundTraditional techniques for C2 channels, exfiltration, surveillance, and exploitation are often frustrated by the growing sophistication and prevalence of security protections, monitoring solutions, and controls. Whilst all is definitely not lost, from an attacker's perspective - we constantly see examples of attackers creatively bypassing such protections - it is always beneficial to have more weapons in one's arsenal, particularly when coming up against heavily-defended networks and highly-secured environments.
1.5-CPE Credits